Eth 316 Week 2 Critical Thinking And Ethics

VII. Responsibility is Diffused in OrganizationsA. "Don't Worry - We're Taking Care of Everything"1. Workers encouraged to turn responsibility over to those at higher levelsB. Diffusion of Responsibility in Groups1. Bystander research2. Groupthink and "illusion of morality"3. Use techniques to insure alternative viewpoints airedC. Diffusing Responsibility by Dividing Responsibility1. Specialization in modern organizations2. "Fragmentation of conscience"D. Diffusing Responsibility by Creating Psychological DistanceE. Practical Advice for Managers1. Make responsibility a relevant issue and reinforce2. Appoint devil's advocate or multiple advocates in groups3. Spell out accountability associated with specific positionsVIII. Am I "Walking my Talk?"Teaching Notes for Discussion Questions1. Have you ever been in a situation, especially a work situation, where the norms supported a particular behavior, ethical or unethical, where you felt pressured to go along? Explain.Undergraduate students have limited work experience. But, they will often cite examples from summer jobs such as working in a fast food restaurant where the rules said you couldn't eat the food, but everyone did. Or, they may have had a job where they worked hard at first, but after being charged with "rate-busting," slowed down to match the work levels of regular workers.

Critical Thinking and Ethics Page 2 Critical Thinking and Ethics The application of critical thinking to a defined situation will enable an individual to make the right decisions as to the right ethical choices or principles to apply to a particular situation. (The Connection between Critical, 2014, Page 1) To explain the relationship between critical thinking and ethic, learning team b linked critical thinking and ethics, by various principles, rules, guidelines and logic. Connecting Critical Thinking and Ethics A connection between critical thinking and ethics can be seen in the sense that the individual will have to think of several methods for approaching the issue of ethics, eliminating the most likely approach until he or she settles on that which will be the most acceptable for the situation. (The Connection between Critical, 2014, Page 1) The whole world uses critical thinking and decision building the majority of the time, without

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