Internet Addiction Essay In Easy Words To Rhyme

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Words and phrases that rhyme with addiction:   (69 results)

2 syllables:
diction, fiction, friction, ftiction, miction, stiction, striction

3 syllables:
abstriction, affixion, affliction, affriction, amphictyon, astriction, commixion, confliction, constriction, conviction, depiction, distriction, emiction, eviction, fanfiction, indiction, infliction, infriction, non-fiction, nonfiction, obstriction, prediction, presstriction, prestriction, reliction, restriction, reviction

4 syllables:
antifriction, benediction, contradiction, contradiction', crucifiction, crucifixion, dereliction, derestriction, hyperfiction, interdiction, juridiction, jurisdiction, juristiction, malediction, metafiction, rape conviction, retrodiction, science-fiction, science fiction, valediction

5 syllables:
adhesive friction, bronchoconstriction, electrostriction, magnetostriction, murder conviction, noncontradiction, self-contradiction, vasoconstriction, venoconstriction

6 syllables:
actual eviction, constructive eviction, judgment of conviction, robbery conviction

7 syllables:
coefficient of friction

8 syllables:
retaliatory eviction

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (62 results)

2 syllables:
dixon, fission, gibson, ibsen, ition, kitchen, listen, mission, nixon, vision, vixen

3 syllables:
addictions, addition, admission, affection, ambition, ascription, attrition, commission, condition, conniption, conscription, decryption, description, edition, egyptian, encryption, fruition, ignition, inscription, magician, musician, nutrition, omission, permission, position, prescription, proscription, religion, restrictions, sedition, submission, subscription, suspicion, tradition, transcription, transmission, tuition

4 syllables:
ammunition, circumscription, competition, definition, disposition, expedition, intermission, intuition, nonprescription, opposition, politician, superscription, superstition, thiothixene

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Internet Addiction Essay

Why do people get addicted to games online and how can we help them to control their time on internet? Is internet addiction a big problem in the world? Some people suggest that computers and games online are not so bad if they are not used out of balance (2008 ). However, some people say internet addiction is a problem of the public health (2008 ). Addiction is an illness which makes addicted people unable to control the amount of time they spend on playing game s. This is a big problem of every country in the world. It affects addicted people on various aspects such as reduced health, lost responsibilities and violence. However, we have some solutions to help the addicts such as hospitals, personal time managements and exposing to other interest s. (The most effective treatment in my opinion is personal time manage). Internet addiction is very common in countries which have developed technologies. Today, about 76% of the US population has been using the Internet for shopping, entertainments or political information. According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2008, game software sold 28% more than in 2007 (Wagner, J. S., 2008). About 1,178 American aged from 8 to 18 play games and one in 10 players has some signs of addictive behaviors (8, 5 % of American youth). People are addicted to video game because they like to punish or surpass other players in their games to show that they are the best. This can make them feel good about themselves. Wagner said “Studies show that 92 percent of children under age 18 play regularly” (2008). The addict spent a lot of time for their game. That’s why they will lose sleep, neglect to shower, and skip meals to focus on their game. Finally, they will reduce their heath in the near future. South Korean students who study in high school play games 23 hours per week. Also, Gaming Addiction 3 China reported that about 10 million teenagers are addicted to the Internet (13.7% of Chinese internet users) (Am J Psychiatry, 2008). In South Korea, a lot of people lost their jobs because they didn’t do their works as well. Also, some people are dead because of play ing game without eating and taking shower s. Two parents let their child die because they played game s and forgot to give their child food (Tom McGregor, 2010). Finally, the online games will have violent effects on the addicted gamers because when people get addicted to the game, they will focus on their game all the time and maybe forget that they are living in a life. A brother kicked his younger brother because his brother won a game between them (Eleni, K., 2004). Eleni Kardaras said “Players get somewhat "sucked" into the video game and become oblivious to their...

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Internet Addiction Essay

1769 words - 7 pages Internet addiction as though chemical addictions, is defined as non-chemical addictions or with a more familiar term known as behavioral addictions. It is a continuous disease in a long run and has become an issue to the Internet users [8]. Internet addiction has become a serious public health concern in many countries and it will be considered as a cause of mental disorder in the upcoming revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of...

Internet Addiction Essay

957 words - 4 pages Internet Addiction Since its initial arrival in the average household, the Internet has become a very widely exercised source of communication. At any given moment, there is an endless amount of information streaming through Internet accessible computers. The chance to interact with other people is another tempting feature of the Internet. Unfortunately, with this new commodity, also comes the possibility of abuse and...

Internet Addiction

1302 words - 5 pages Future of the Internet Introduction In 1969, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) inaugurated ARPANET, a small network of high-speed supercomputers designed to withstand military attack. The purpose of ARPANET was to enable researchers and scientists to share one another’s computer facilities by long distance for national research and development projects. However, writes author Bruce Sterling, “The main...

Internet Addiction

1645 words - 7 pages For people between the ages of ten and twenty-six years old, Internet addiction has become a mental health problem. Many studies have been designed to determine why the Internet is so addicting. Primary Issues One major factor to Internet addiction is anonymity; users have the ability to be anyone or anything they want to be. This identity could represent an ideal self or it could be the opposite of the real person. Having the resources to be...

Internet Addiction ( Pathological Internet Use )

1401 words - 6 pages Internet Addiction ( Pathological Internet Use ) The Internet has become one of the most universal methods for communication with over 100 million users worldwide. From e-mail to the possibly billions of web pages, there is an infinite amount of information flowing. And another enticing aspect of the Internet, is the opportunity to interact with other people. Chat Rooms and MUD (Multi-User Dimensional) games offer the person the...

Internet Addiction Disorder

4709 words - 19 pages The World Wide Web is an intriguing information highway. Its beginnings only date back to the 1990’s, but it has quickly become a major staple in our lives. As with anything there is a good and bad side. Americans and people around the world are becoming more and more reliant on using the internet for their informational, academic, social, entertainment, organizational, and connectional needs. Along with all of the good that this has brought a...

Addiction to Internet Pornography

2439 words - 10 pages Pornography is becoming the most popular secret in all of America. Only 13.9% of young men don’t view pornography, and of those who do, 51% of male students and 32% of female students first viewed pornography before age 13 (Gilkerson). 21.3% of college males watch it daily or multiple times a day (Gilkerson). Not only has porn become more popular, it has become more available and much more explicit. Years ago, the most explicit pornography that...

Behind the Internet Addiction

1094 words - 4 pages In Lewin's essay, “Study Finds Teenagers' Internet Socializing Isn't Such a Bad Thing” demonstrates the support that the writer states towards the amount of time teens spend on the Internet. The essay caught my attention because it’s incredible to read about something clearly bizarre coming from a person that is not well informed about what the teens do exactly while on the Internet and what can be interpreted from the extra attention and...

Internet Addiction: Government Policy or Personal Responsibility?

4464 words - 18 pages Internet Addiction: An issue of government policy or a personal responsibility? BIS 421/CSS 411 - Spring 2010 “Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users?” – Clifford Stoll Introduction There is no doubt the presence of the internet is increasing at a rapid pace. A Pew Internet and American Life Project study finds two thirds of all Americans use the internet to frequently participate in internet related...

Possible Causes and Effects of Internet Addiction

1304 words - 5 pages Psychodynamic focuses on the conscience and unconscious mind of an individual where as Behaviourism, is based on the behaviour of the individual without taking into account any thoughts of the individual. The two theories are both deterministic and both believe that our current behaviour is a result of previous events. A behaviourists would suggest that psychology is a science of behaviour, not a science of mind, the sources of an individual's...

Research proposal on predictors of Internet addiction among Shanghai undergraduates

2009 words - 8 pages Research proposal on predictors of Internet addiction among Shanghai undergraduatesContents1....

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