Partnership Firm Process And Procedure Bibliography Page

Most online articles will have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and you should use this in your reference. The DOI is a permanent identifier provided by publishers so that the article can always be found. If the article has a DOI you will not usually be required to add a date of access.

If there is no DOI then you should use the URL and include date of access. Some lecturers will ask you to reference and online journal article as a print article, so always check your coursework guidance.

To find the DOI, when you read an article online, check the article details as you will usually find it at the start of the article. For more help, contact your librarian.

If you read the article in a full-text database service, such as Factiva or EBSCO, and do not have a DOI or direct URL to the article you should use the database URL.


(Year of publication)
Title of journal article
Title of journal (this should be in italics)
Volume number
Issue number

Page numbers of the article (do not use ‘p'. before the page numbers)
Available from: URL [Date of access] or DOI

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